What We Offer


As parents, we want our children to succeed at their highest potential level; yet, many of us don't know what it takes to get their brains ready to excel despite the challenges they face at school every day.  It comes down to analyzing each one of the Three Pillars of the adept brain:  Mindset, Environment, and Memory Enhancement. When each of the Three Pillars is solidly built, a student has a firm foundation for reaching the highest heights.  Our private and small group programs are designed to empower students to take charge of their learning--in school and beyond. 

The future is bright when a student's mind is optimized.

Attend one of our parent workshops to make sure you have the expertise and the confidence to use the Three Pillars of the Adept Brain at home. We do private tuition, small group classes, and workshops in New Jersey, New York City, and online at various times.  Please contact us if you prefer a specific time that is not listed, or if you would like Jennifer Jasensky to present her information to your parents' group or PTA.


Private Tuition

Private tuition can be arranged online at a time convenient to you, or in person if you are able to travel to South Orange, NJ.  Topics that can be covered include:

  • The Full ACT Exam
  • The Full SAT Exam
  • Mathematics through Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus
  • Student Success Skills via the Three Pillars of the Adept Brain
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Small Group Classes

Small group classes run periodically online and in South Orange, NJ. If you would like to arrange a small group class to meet locally, please contact us.  Topics include:

  • The Full ACT Exam
  • The Full SAT Exam
  • Student Success Skills via the Three Pillars of the Adept Brain
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Parent Workshops

Parent workshops are available online and locally in South Orange, NJ.  Topics covered will vary.  The most popular workshop covers the Three Pillars of the Adept Brain and how they can be used to maximize student learning power through simple changes at home.  This information provides the peace of mind you need to know you are doing everything possible to help your kids learn most efficiently and effectively at school.


Consulting for Teachers, Independent Schools, and Homeschool Groups

Book an appointment to discuss the ways in which you can use the Three Pillars of the Adept Brain to improve learning and retention.  Jennifer Jasensky has 8 years of teaching experience which prompted her research into the best teaching practices and how they can integrate brain research for maximum impact.  Use her expertise to improve results with your students.