Get The Most Out Of Learning

Students, parents and teachers face so much frustration trying to get the best results with limited time and energy. Applied Cognitive Neuroscience (ACN) takes the knowledge behind how the brain controls and manages the learning process and integrates it with the work that teachers and students do. When you align learning strategies inside and outside the classroom with established science integrating the brain and learning, you open the door to increased learning and confidence.

Simple changes, made with expert guidance, can help a student can establish the right mindset, create the optimal environment, and utilize the best memory enhancement strategies to become the student they’ve always had the potential to be.

Science That Works For You

My experience as a teacher and private tutor since 2000 has shown me numerous cases of students working below their full potential. I have dedicated my work inside and outside the classroom to teaching not just the material needed for success in mathematics courses and on the ACT/SAT (United States University entrance exams), but to the daily habits that lead automatically to improved outcomes. My instant connection with students and the importance of the information I share immediately gives students the confidence they need to become stellar learners in all subjects.

Why We Can’t Wait

Applied Cognitive Neuroscience utilizes proven strategies and methodologies to make sure students and their parents, teachers, and school administrators follow a straight path to success in education. In our modern lives, there is no time to waste on strategies that sound good but have no scientific backing.

  • Students cannot wait around for their teachers to become excellent; they must become masterful at the science of learning for themselves.

  • Teachers cannot wait around for administrators who create perfect learning environments, nor for school budgets that give them everything they need; they must become masters of the science of teaching.

  • School administrators cannot become distracted with every new and exciting idea that surfaces from EdTech companies; they need to provide the optimal learning environment and excellent teacher training that underpins learning in every course, for every kind of learner.

The inner workings of the human brain do not change, but our understanding of them has been growing since the science began in 1976. Now this vital information has moved out of the research sphere and into our hands. With methods proven by Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and my experience with best practices as a teacher and tutor, I will provide you with the keys to success now and in the years to come.


Private Tuition-Mathematics

Private mathematics tuition for any course level up to calculus. Students who sign up for recurring weekly appointments will have an enhanced level of tutoring beyond math help which weaves in the topics from the Success Skills Class, along with guidance on goal setting, progress updates for the parents, and a customized study plan based on Applied Cognitive Neuroscience (ACN). Please contact me at if you would like to schedule recurring weekly tutoring appointments. Read more about ACN here. Contact me at to set up a phone consultation and your first session. Tuition sessions are generally one hour and cost $80/hour.

Private Tuition-Executive Functioning, Study and Test-Taking Skills, and Organization

When you understand how your mind works and know how to use it to its fullest potential, your confidence grows and grows. Students are empowered by understanding the fundamental nature of how their brain learns and retains information, so they can study and review efficiently and effectively.

Topics to be covered:

  • Effective Note Taking

  • Optimal Learning Mindset

  • Memory Enhancement Strategies

  • Notes Review Procedure

  • Homework Environment and Scheduling

  • Personal Motivation

  • Stress and its Effect on the Brain

  • Sleep, Exercise, Hydration and the Brain  

This course is best suited for ages 14 and up. 

Contact me at to set up a phone consultation and your first session. Tuition sessions are generally one hour and cost $80/hour. Small group workshops can also be set up for students and parents on this topic.