Private Tuition

Private tuition sessions can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.  Sessions will take place at Jennifer Jasensky's home office in South Orange or online via Skype.  Sessions are 1 hour long.  

Private Math Tuition

Private math tuition sessions will cover the material your son or daughter is struggling with, a plan for following up on weak areas independently, along with learning strategies that will help him or her get the most out of math class.  Ages 12 and up.  If you have a younger student, please contact to discuss the possibility of scheduling a session.

One Hour Private Mathematics Tuition
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Private Student Success Skills Class

This private class will put your son or daughter on the right track for the upcoming school year.  Students will be empowered by understanding the fundamental nature of how their brain learns and retains information, so they can study and review efficiently and effectively.  The following topics will be covered in a 1.5 hour session:

  • Effective Note Taking
  • Optimal Learning Mindset
  • Memory Enhancement Strategies
  • Notes Review Procedure
  • Homework Environment and Scheduling
  • Personal Motivation
  • Stress and its Effect on the Brain
  • Sleep, Exercise, Hydration and the Brain

This material is most empowering and useful for students that are in high school or will begin high school soon.  If your junior high student takes notes independently in school, has final exams to prepare for every semester, and a large quantity of subject material to memorize, then this will be appropriate for him or her.  If you have younger children, I suggest you attend the parent workshop to learn some of this material yourself to create the optimal learning environment at home.

Success Skills Class-Private Session
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