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Adept Brain Parent Workshop

Do you know if you are doing everything you can at home to help your kids be successful in school and learn to the best of their ability? This workshop will teach parents about the full scope of small changes that can be made at home to help encourage optimal academic performance. The Three Pillars of the Adept Brain (mindset, environment, and memory enhancement) will be covered in depth, along with the impact of stress on the brain, the best messaging techniques to help your son or daughter be prepared to learn, and how the brain's wiring will aid with all of this.  Parents will leave the workshop with a plan for improving educational outcomes for their children.

Online Workshop Information
Information for logging into the session online via Zoom will be sent after enrollment. See the drop down menu for dates and times and to reserve a seat in this course.

This workshop costs $50 per person. 

Mindset: A Quick Class for Busy Parents
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