ACT and SAT Prep

These two tests can open the doors to stellar educational opportunities at American universities across the country; it makes sense to take steps to prepare for these exams to the best of your ability. Each test has its own personality, tricks, and strategies for success—knowing each test well is imperative. I have been tutoring the ACT and SAT since 2000, first at high schools around Northern Illinois through a standard curriculum, and later privately as I developed my own curriculum around the tests. I know these tests inside and out, and I am excited to help your son or daughter learn everything I know about mastering the ACT and SAT.


By learning the tips, tricks, and strategies that demystify these high stakes tests, your teen will feel in control of their performance and will be able to do their very best. I have been tutoring the ACT/SAT since the year 2000, and scored a 34 out of 36 on my own SAT back in 1997 (35 English, 30 Math, 34 Reading, 36 Science & Reasoning). Let me help you take the pain out of preparation; students get to see the results of the work they put into test prep, and when they successfully climb this mountain of a task they come out feeling more confident and empowered.

Need upcoming test dates? Click here for the ACT and click here for the SAT.

Best Case Scenario

The SAT has gone through changes over the years as College Board (the maker of the SAT) has worked to compete with the popularity of the ACT test. Each revision brings the SAT closer in format to the ACT, but it is still quite different. Most parents opt to enroll their students in prep courses for both tests, as it is not possible to predict from a pre-test which test is a better fit for each student. The more time your teen has to prepare, the better. I recommend starting preparations three months ahead of the exam date to be well prepared without too much extra stress when combining test prep studying with a full school course load.

However, it is possible to compress the schedule or do a cram session when necessary, so don’t fret if you are down to the wire on timing, just email me at and we will discuss your options.