Jennifer Jasensky is a sought after international math tutor who specializes in connecting best teaching practices with high quality brain research to help students work effectively and confidently. Since 2000, she has tutored math and high stakes test prep (ACT/SAT) in America, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates to students from a variety of school systems (British, IB, American, Singaporean, Australian). She earned her B.S. in Mathematics with Honors in 2003 from Northern Illinois University, and won the Exemplary Student Teacher Award in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Marguerite Montague Wheeler Teaching Award and her M.A. in Special Education in 2009 with a focus on emotional and behavioral disorders and distinguishing work in the area of assessment. She taught math at a top high school in the Chicago suburbs for eight years before moving abroad and tutoring exclusively. 

Jennifer’s strength is in her connection with students. Darnell Porter, a student from her time teaching at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, IL, USA, had this to say to her, “You made such a difference in my life and still do I was proud to call you my teacher, my coach, and now my friend. You were my champion!” Students who begin with her in one country, stay with her via the internet after they move. They feel comfortable working with her and are honest their questions and difficulties because they know she understands them and will not judge them. She believes every student has an infinite capacity for learning—students feel this from her and are empowered by it.

She now tutors and teaches workshops locally in New Jersey, USA, and tutors internationally online. She has presented at high school math conferences on the topic of teaching methods that cover most IEP’s without extra planning, which helps teachers manage a large numbers of IEP’s in their content area classrooms. She has also presented on the integration of art, pattern, and mathematics using the patterns found in Spain at the Real Alcazar in Sevilla and the Alhambra in Granada. Her new series of workshops for students, parents, and teachers (separately) focus on using Applied Cognitive Neuroscience to maximize the process of studying and learning through optimizing mindset, environment, and memory enhancement. These workshops are the culmination of her research work from 2011 to the present, which began after she left full-time teaching to become a full-time mathematics and test prep tutor.